1 week post op!

Days are passing  by slowly.  I can’t remember a more painful 15 minutes pulling off the bandage today.  Seven days of tape on swollen skin doesn’t come off easily.  Follow up X-ray on Tuesday hopefully will advance me to some activity.  👟🏊🚵 (just kidding) Going stir crazy not using my right arm.  😜 Nice birthday present.  image


Shoulder surgery today. Just got home. Anesthesia still making me a little loopy. Glad it’s done. Nerve block wears off in 18-24 hours. Ouch. Check out my hardware.  Takes me back to memories of heart surgery.  I was very anxious going in, but relieved and grateful for today’s success.  Now, sitting still for 3 weeks will be my biggest challenge.  Thanks to all for your support.

imageimageThis is my pre-op photo.

Global Heroes 2015

imageOur weekend of smiles, tears, and running has come to an end.  The beginning of the empowerment of meeting other runners with serious medical histories will motivate the rest of my life.  Dave Watkins of Ironheart and I shared a very similar road. He is a remarkable individual with an inspiring message for athletes and non-athletes alike.  I hope to continue reaching out to others with dreams of achieving goals that seemed impossible.  Four years ago, I was at my lowest and thought a race of 3 miles would be difficult, let alone half marathons and triathlons.  I am deeply thankful to Medtronic and the scientists who make my goals reality.  I approach my clavicle surgery this week optimistic that I will enjoy my family and friends with greater vigor and still keep competitive sports as a part of my life. 🍀

Medtronic Global Heroes


An amazing weekend has been blessed upon me. I have had the honor of meeting 23 other medical miracles. We are living testimonies to the strength of the human spirit. We run marathons and 10 mile races tomorrow.  I have surgery scheduled for next week on my shoulder. This weekend is the perfect motivation for another recovery. Follow Kathy and I and all the Global Heroes at http://www.tcmevents.org and http://www.medtronic.com/globalheroes/

Hit One Outta the Park!

imageThe Shaughnessy Family ran the Inside the Park Home Run for The Furniture Bank of Cleveland providing almost 600 children with new beds. We finished across homeplate at Progressive Field in downtown Cleveland.

Olympic Relay Champions!

imageThe University Ophthalmology Associates team of Kathleen Zielinski, Mark Pophal, and myself finished first in the Cleveland Triathlon Olympic Coed Relay. I missed last year with my broken bones following my bike versus car accident, so I was proud to be able to rejoin my team and contribute to the victory. I look forward to my big race this October in Minneapolis as a Medtronic Global Hero. Such an honor.

Triathlon Tragedy

Finished my second triathlon in 3 weeks with a heavy heart. Joyce Reed, wife of my friend Tim, passed away unexpectedly yesterday at age 53. Joyce and Tim were lovers of life and each other. I ran for her and Tim, whose suffering I cannot imagine.


Triathlon summer

Competed in Great Western Triathlon for my first Olympic distance. Happy to have my family by my side. Pushed myself to new heights. Still heart healthy. Know my limits, I think.


Cleveland Half Marathon


Ran my most enjoyable half marathon ever. Family was waiting and cheering at the end. I ran strong despite my broken collarbone. Energized for next few weeks. Two Olympic triathlons in June. Heart working great!

Happy New Year!



Dancing with the Stars

Happy New Year to All!  Just got back from a drive to Venice, FL with the family.  A wonderful 50th wedding anniversary celebration with the in-laws.

It has been a rough 5 months for me physically with the shoulder injury.  I have been continuing my strong running efforts and still logging some 25-30 miles/week.  However, my shoulder injury from July has not healed and I have a clavicular non-union.  Basically, I have a fracture that never healed.  I have been restricted from biking and swimming.  The prevailing theory is that the subclavian artery shunt that saved my life back in 2011 also compromised the blood supply to the overlying clavicle.  When I fractured it, it was doomed.  I have the choice of continuing on with a broken clavicle, (6 months+ now) versus surgical intervention.  Despite my hurdles, I have been able to work, run a turkey trot with Kathy, participate in Cleveland’s Dancing with the Stars (and get 2nd place!), and keep up my fatherly duties.   I am going to try and do as much as possible with it as is and if life is OK, no surgery for now.  It is not a pleasant experience.  The limitations in physical activity have been far worse than my open heart surgery.  My ability to rally my spirits has definitely been tested.  I start 2015 with hope.