Out of surgery!

Just met with Dr. Markowitz. Mike is out of surgery and doing well!!! He is being transported to the ICU. The surgery went as planned. He is expected to continue to do well. We are starting to breathe easier. Thanks everyone for all the prayers.

Final Night Thoughts

I have had a nice day.  We went to church early and had friends over in the afternoon.  My brother Dan and sisters Erin and Mary arrived about 5pm.  My brother-in-law Mark and his wife Bonnie arrived a few minutes ago.  Many thoughtful phone calls and texts all day.  I have had mostly good thoughts today.  I am at peace tonight with the plan, but I never thought I would be so nervous.  It was very tough saying goodnight to the kids.  They will be my inspiration for recovery.  Kathy will post tomorrow for updates.

I heard a nice quote from an unlikely source, Jim Tressel; “On your good days be great, on your bad days be good, and on every other day try to be better”.  Tomorrow, I will try and have a good day.

Two More Days

Hugh woke me early this Saturday morning.  I feel good.  I still have the thoughts creeping in of how can I feel this good and have this big problem.  I am ready, though.  Last night was great.  Kathy prepared a fantastic lobster dinner for us and some friends.  I will keep busy today.  Going to a Christmas party tonight. Ignatius plays in the state championship tonight as well; that will be fun to watch. I keep praying Monday comes and goes smoothly. Enjoy your moments.

In case anyone is wondering, this is what my aneurysm and my bicuspid valve looks like.  Although my bicuspid valve is in much worse shape.