Nine Months Strong!

It has been nine months this week since the life-altering event that has forever changed me into a different, and hopefully better, man.  I continue to contemplate my mortality and my second chance on a daily basis.

Last weekend, I ran a 5K race for a local high school that was raising money for wounded vets and their families.  I finished 21st out of about 200, but I really wasn’t running for time as I was running for a sense of accomplishment after the hard work I’ve been putting into my recovery.  I run almost exclusively alone and it was nice to run with a crowd.  I have been logging about 20-25 miles a week.  I ran a personal best 8.1 miler yesterday and really felt great.  The increase in my stamina following the surgery has been nothing short of incredible.  I thought I was pretty high energy before, but now I can just keep going.  I started playing basketball at my church again 6 weeks ago and I find myself enjoying it more than ever.








I visited with my cardiologist last week and was given the green light for anything I want to do and to return back in one year!  My family, especially Kathy, are the reason to get going every day.  I exercise and/or run almost every day.  It has been a wonderful summer of vacations, relaxing, golf, and work.  The kids had a tremendous summer with camps, friends, and all our family stuff.  School is back into full swing and Kathy finds herself at home with time to contemplate her next career!

The surgery seems like a lifetime ago, but my gratitude still swells like it was yesterday.  I am overwhelmed by the continued well wishes from patients, friends, family, and others that are inspired by the story.

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  1. Dr. Shaughnessy . . a wonderful blog, both roadmap and source of encouragement for anyone traveling a similar path.

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