Ups and Downs

2014 started out great with family, work, and body all working in top form.  I hit the season strong running with Lily in a local 5K and taking 1st place in my age group.  Lily took 2nd place in her Nationals riding competition in Massachusetts and everybody was feeling good.

lilynatgroup lilynatreschmp

Kathy’s running has only gotten stronger since her amazing Turkey Trot debut in November.  Lily, Kathy, and I did a 5K Mutt Strut with Gracie and she got 4th overall in women’s division and I got 1st again in my age group!


I have kept up on getting in a lot of miles each week and added swimming to my biking and running.  I was preparing for my first triathlon which I completed last weekend with a respectable 4th in my age group




Up next was lots of golf and the Cleveland Triathlon until yesterday.  During a training cycle run, I had a terrible accident after a car got a little too close for comfort.  An afternoon in the ER revealed my broken clavicle (collar bone) and a rib or two.  Still have to meet with the Orthopedist on Thursday.  Needless to stay, I return to recovery mode.  It is a disappointing setback, but I will overcome this hurdle.  I’ll be back.


We had a great time at Cedar Point last Friday and the kids will have to Ride On without Dad for a few months.  cedarpoint